Top Knit Garments Factory List in Bangladesh

Top Knit Garments Factory Top knit garments factories are those that have top manufacturing and exporting capabilities of knit garments all over the world. Knit clothing is a favorite of many different types of consumers who buy ready-made clothing. The knit textiles, however, are used to create knit clothing. The manufacturing technique used in a … Read more

Main Causes Of Industrial Accident And Its Remedies

Industrial Accident An industrial accident is an important considering point for the industry. Above all, an industrial accident causes lots of harm to the industry. In industry, most of the workers are not aware of different types of industrial accidents which is a dangerous phenomenon in the industry. It is the duty of management to … Read more

What is 5S? || Benefits of 5S || Objectives Of 5S

What is 5S? 5s is a Japanese methodology. Therefore, it is the combination of 5s of five-word which is started by the word S. Consequently, 5S is a workplace organization methodology that uses a list of five Japanese words. 5 Japanese words are such as seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, and shitsuke. Here, I will illustrate the benefits of 5S and … Read more

Benefits Of Kaizen | Five Elements Of Kaizen

Benefits Of Kaizen Kaizen stands for “change for the better” or “continuous improvement.”. Where this term is necessary for improvement in every part of life. Mostly, kaizen is used in industry or other organizations for changing goods. Kaizen is a Japanese business philosophy that focuses on continuous productivity improvement by involving all employees and making … Read more

How To Calculate Costing For A Garment Product || Cost Analysis

Costing Costing means to calculate the total investment for producing a product and how much profit will come from that’s investment. It is most important to calculate the processing cost before starting production. During costing, cost analyzer should consider all the cost regarding that’s product production. Costing system mainly describe how the cost of final … Read more

Apparel Manufacturing Process Flow Chart

Apparel The process of making a garment according to the pattern with the desired design and style is called apparel manufacturing. Apparel is the final achievement of textile processing, which started with fiber as a raw material for finished goods. After completing spinning, weaving, wet processing; the materials are ready for apparel manufacturing. Apparel is … Read more