Main Causes Of Industrial Accident And Its Remedies

Industrial Accident An industrial accident is an important considering point for the industry. Above all, an industrial accident causes lots of harm to the industry. In industry, most of the workers are not aware of different types of industrial accidents which is a dangerous phenomenon in the industry. It is the duty of management to … Read more

Top Apparel Exporting Countries Of The World || RMG Business

Apparel Exporters Apparel export is a global business. When garment manufacturing and exporting depend on different points. At the present time, apparel manufacturing industries are rapidly growing in countries where labor cost is low. At the present time, china apparel industry exports the highest number of clothing all over the world. Besides this, they produced … Read more

Garment Accessories List And Their Uses In Apparel Manufacturing

Garment Accessories Apparel manufacturing is a combination of group work and The different sections are related to apparel manufacturing. We know that fabric is the basic material for apparel manufacturing. Fabric may be woven or knitted. Woven fabrics are converted into shirts, pants, Coats, Skirts, Dresses, Jackets, and other suitable apparel. Knitted fabrics are converted … Read more