Top Environmental Impact of Textile and Clothing Manufacturing

Textile and Clothing Manufacturing Textiles are the second most basic human need after food. Day by day, the demand for textiles and clothing is increasing rapidly. However, in case you’re wondering, the oil industry tops the list of the world’s biggest polluters, with the textile and fashion industries coming in second. Moreover, the increase in … Read more

What Are Kaizen Events?

Kaizen Events Kaizen is a Japanese methodology for continuous improvement of the existing process. Especially, Kaizen events involved the entire person involved in the process. It is the cycle of work from the owner to the worker of the industry. Any action whose output is intended to be an improvement to an existing process is … Read more

Top Threats Of Industrial Security

Industrial Security Industrial security is the most concerning issue for an organization. Chiefly, it requires removing the threats to industrial security. Identically, the industry is the place where products are manufactured. Presently, security is essential for all types of organizations. In everyday life, man wants to get safety and security. Therefore, the security issue is … Read more

Types Of Shuttle Loom || Advantages And Disadvantages Of Shuttle Loom

Shuttle Loom A shuttle loom is a conventional loom type. In a shuttle loom, the shuttle carries the weft yarn through the warp yarn shed to form interlacement to produce fabric in the weaving process. In the fabric manufacturing process, the manufacturer considers which way they will run their production unit. How much investment will … Read more

Advantages Of Technical Textile Products Uses

Technical Textile Technical textile is the application of modern technology to modify conventional textile products. Moreover, technical textiles should have sufficient quality standards which require for specific products. The technical textile uses in many ways. They can be used individually to satisfy specific functions such that coated fabrics such as awnings, airbags, and carpets, and … Read more

What Is Winding | Objectives, And Requirements of Winding Process

Winding In the spinning process; winding is the last step. After winding yarn packages are used for making woven or knitted fabrics. The winding process can be defined as the transfer of spinning yarn from one package to another large package (cone, spool, pirn, etc). On the other hand, it can be defined as the … Read more

Necessity of Yarn Preparation For Weaving and Knitting

Yarn Preparation The yarn which is used for weaving or knitting could be grey or dyed. Yarns are the main element of weaving. Before weaving it needs to be prepared. The yarn which is collected from the spinning section can not be used in the loom directly. Before using it in loom it is processed … Read more