Types Of Shirt Collar || Styles Of Collar


The collar is a basic part of a shirt. It is a part of a shirt, dress, coat, or blouse. It fastens around the neck. The collar is placed on the top portion of the shirt. The collar is attached with the collar band by stitching. Various types of stitches are done for doing this job. The collar of t-shirt, polo-shirt or woven fabrics shirt is not same. They are different in shape, design, and style. Fashion designers are trying to add different variations to the collar style.

Shirt Collar
Types Of Shirt Collar

Shirt Collar Parameters

There are different parameters for manufacturing shirt collars. They are-

  • Collar Stiffness
  • Collar Height
  • Size of Collar
  • Collar Spread

Types of Collar

The following are the types of the collar and their uses. They are-

  1. 1 pcs. Collar: This is used for knit wear like t-shirt or polo-shirt.
  2. 2 pcs. Collar: This is used for woven wear.
  3. Multi pcs. Collar: This type of collar is used for sportswear or coat.

Styles of Collar

The style of apparel is the man’s own choice. It depends on the person’s interest. The following are the basic style of the collar.

  1. High Point Collar
  2. Round Collar / Band Collar
  3. Stand Up Collar
  4. Flat Collar

There are different types of collars for apparel manufacturing. They are-

  1. Straight Collar
  2. Point Collar
  3. Windsor Spread Collar
  4. Spear Collar
  5. Buttondown Collar
  6. Jermyn Street Collar
  7. Hidden Button Collar
  8. Cutaway Spread Collar
  9. Pin Collar
  10. Park Avenue Collar
  11. Edge Stitch Straight Collar
  12. Band Collar
  13. Extreme Cutaway Collar
  14. Varsity Spread Collar
  15. English Spread Collar
  16. Club Collar
  17. Eyelet Collar
  18. Pajama Collar
  19. Square Collar
  20. Cooper collar
  21. Tab Collar
  22. Wing Collar

So, make your bespoke garment or ready-to-wear garment by applying the above collar style.

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