Interlining: Types and Their Functions


Accessories are used to assemble fabric parts that are supplied from the cutting section. Different types of accessories are used to make complete garments. I have given a list of accessories in one of my articles. Now, I will inform you about special types of trimmings that are used to give special attractiveness to the fabric.

Interlining is one type of trimmings. Interlining is placed between two layers of fabric in apparel. It is fused or sewn to a specific area. It is the most extensively used trimmings in apparel. The needle is used to sew the interlining.

Functions of Interlining

The following are the functions of Interlining. They are-

  • Firstly, interlining use to support the garment.
  • Secondly, it control the shape of the apparel.
  • Thirdly, it controls the area of the apparel.
  • After that, interlining makes the apparel beautiful, strong and attractive.
  • It also ensure the quality, anticipated look, and effect of the fabric.
  • Therefore, garment performance improved by using of interlining.
  • Lastly, it use to reinforce the garment components.

Types and Functions of Interlining in Garments

Types of Interlining

Interlinings are of two types. They are as follows.

Fusible Interlining

It is the most used in interlining. The interlining is used between two layers of fabrics by applying heat and pressure for a certain time, that is called Fusible Interlining.

Fusible interlining is used for all kinds of apparel. Also, it is used in “Ready to wear” and “Bespoke garment”.

Fusible Interlining is popular for some advantage which is given below:

  • To get similarities among the apparel. Interlining gives the same outlook of the apparel.
  • Fusible interlining is available in the market.
  • Application process is very easy.
  • It has high productivity.

Types of Fusible Interlining

The fusible interlining can be classified on the basis of resin coating and its properties. The following are the types of fusible interlining. They are-

  • Polyethylene coated interlining
  • Polyester coated interlining
  • Polyamide coated interlining
  • PVC coated interlining
  • Polypropylene coated interlining
  • PVA coated interlining

Non-Fuse Interlining

The interlining is used between two layers of fabrics directly by sewing without heat and pressure that is called non-fuse interlining. This type of interlining is also called sewn interlining.

Nonfuse interlining is used for special cases. The application field is given below:

  1. Non fuse interlining use in “Flame Retardant” apparel.
  2. It is used for making apparel for fire service people.
  3. It also use for making safety apparels for the peoples who works in re-rolling mills.
  4. Specially used in embroidery machine.

Uses of Interlinings

Interlining is widely used in the apparel manufacturing process. The following apparel types are made up by using interlining. They are-

  1. Collar,
  2. Cuffs,
  3. Front Facing of Coat,
  4. Waist Band,
  5. Outerwear Plackets,
  6. Jackets,
  7. Blazers
  8. Others

So, select the one which is required for making defect-free apparel.  Interlining is made in a different interesting way which I will write about in mine another article.

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