Flow Chart Of Trouser Sewing Process


Trousers or Jeans are the newest fashion in the world. Most people in most of the states are interested in wearing jeans and pants. Different types of jeans are manufactured in the apparel industry. Various types of finishes are applied to the jeans product to increase its popularity. Any type of defect can be the cause of rejection of the product, for this reason, extra care is required to maintain in every stage of the manufacturing.

Process Flow Chart Of Trouser Sewing

Sewing sequence of Jeans is given below.

 Number matching back & front pant

Back rise & Front rise joint

Pocket facing joint with pocket part by overlock m/c

Pocket part sewing by overlock m/c

Pocket tracing joint by plain m/c

Topstitch pocket with the pocket facing

To sin Zigzag (pocket Rolling)

Pocket marking by catalog & scissor

Number matching pocket & body part

Pockets tuck (2 end sides of the pocket)

Pocket joint with the body part

Pocket top sin (Zig Zag)

Back & front matching (number)

Side sewing of the trouser

Side top sin (Zig Zag )

Inside sewing by overlock

Elastic tuck for waist belt

Eye lot at the middle point of the belt

Rib tucks sewing for belt

Elastic cutting at size-wise

Elastic + Rib (belt) tuck

Belt surfacing

Belt & body tuck

Belt & body joint

Label joint

Top sin belt joining point

Bottom hem sewing

Dosting cutting & fielding

Dosting tuck

Supporting tuck on bottom hem & belt top sin

Pocket Eye lot snap button M/C


So, choose your favorite jeans pant or trouser for use.

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