Shirt Pockets Types And Styles

Shirt Pockets

Pockets are the basic part of a shirt. In modern times, we see that some shirts have a pocket and some have no pocket. It is the present demand. A pocket is used for carrying some light and essential things. Pocket is attached with the left front part or right front part of the shirt by the stitching process.

Shirt Pockets

Types of Shirt Pockets

Shirt pockets are the following types.

  1. Plain Pocket
  2. Square Pocket
  3. Round Pocket
  4. Hexagonal Pocket
  5. Hemmed Pocket
  6. Flap Pocket

Basic Pocket Styles

The followings are the basic pockets styles for apparel manufacturing. They are-

  1. Patch Pocket: This pocket applies onto the outside of a garment.
  2. Set-in Pocket: Set-in pocket is another important pocket types whivh is made by cutting an opening in the apparel and stitching the pocket bag to the inside of the apparel as a result the opening is visible only.
  3. Seam Pocket: The opening falls along the seam line of a garment in a seam pocket.

Other types of pocket are-

  1. Kangaroo Pocket
  2. Harmonium Pocket
  3. Cargo Pocket
  4. Side Pocket
  5. Welt Pocket
  6. Side Seam Pocket
  7. Flap Pocket
  8. Zippered Pocket
  9. Hidden Pocket
  10. Expanding Pocket
  11. Draped Pockets
  12. Slit Pockets
  13. Slash Pocket
  14. Bias Bound Pocket
  15. Jetted Pocket with Flap
  16. Jeans Pocket
  17. Faux Pocket
  18. Mechanic or Workwear Patch Pocket
  19. Curved Inset Pocket
  20. Western Pocket
  21. Utility Pocket
  22. Inside Pocket
  23. Sawtooth Pocket
  24. Bellows Pocket
  25. Coin Pocket
  26. Jetted Pocket

So, that’s all about the pockets types and styles in apparel manufacturing.

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