Principles Of Manual Fabric Spreading Method In Garment Manufacturing

The Fabric spreading process is a part of apparel manufacturing. This fabric spreading is done manually or mechanically. In the manual method; fabric spreading is done fully by hand or with the help of track.

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Principles Of Manual Fabric Spreading Method

Principles of Manual Fabric Spreading Method:

Manual spreading is done in the following way.


Following tools are used for manual fabric spreading. They are-

  1. Fabric Roll
  2. Roll Stand
  3. Sticks
  4. Scissors
  5. Manual Track (if needed)

Principles of Manual Fabric Spreading:

  1. The fabric is pulled carefully from the fabric roll by hand.
  2. Then, fabric is spread and cut to the appropriate length.
  3. Then, process is continued as per requirement.
  4. Mechanical devices (track) can be provided to facilitate un-rolling and spreading operation, but the correct alignment of plies is controlled by human operation.

So, when you will spread the fabric, you should follow the above rules of manual fabric spreading.

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