T Shirt Manufacturing Process In Garment

T Shirt Manufacturing

In the apparel manufacturing industry, various types of apparel are manufactured according to buyer requirements. After getting an order, bulk production runs on the garments. Among all of the apparel manufacturing techniques, T-shirt manufacturing is the simplest.. Although its sewing sequence differs from the Polo shirt,.

T Shirt Manufacturing Process In Garment

The following is the sewing sequence of the t-shirt manufacturing process:

 Number-matching front and back pant (back pants on the upper side)

Solder stitching (By over lock m/c)

Neck rib truck (By plain m/c)

Neck rib sewing by plain m/c

neck rib joins with body pant

Neck-top sin

Solder to solder back tip

Size label sewing

Solder to solder back top sin

Sleeve marking and number matching with body parts.

Sleeve tuck with body part (Sleeve mark point & solder mark point)

Sleeve joint with the body part

Side sewing and care label joint

Bottom hem tuck (at the end side)

Bottom-hem sewing

Arm-bottom hem joint


So, after inspection of the T-Shirt, it is ready for sale in the market.

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