Flow Chart Of Stripping In Dyeing Process

Stripping In Dyeing

Knit Dyeing is a critical procedure and it is required to match the shade of the dyed fabric with the buyer’s approved swatch. Sometimes, if it is found that the dyed fabric shade does not match with the approved swatch, then this fabric is required to be re-dyed. This re-dyeing process is called stripping. Most of the time, black or deep shade is produced by the stripping process. Topping is another re-dyeing process but stripping and topping are used for different cases.

Flow Chart Of Stripping In Dyeing Process

The Reactive dye dyeing process is done for cotton or cellulosic fiber. Here, I have given a stripping process for the cotton fabric.

Fabric received from the batching section

The required amount of water was taken into the machine

The fabric was loaded and run for 5-10 minutes at normal temperature

 The wetting agent, anti creasing agent were added at a time for 5 minutes

Caustic was dosing at normal temperature for 5 minutes

Run for 10 min.

Temperature increases at 1100C and continues for 40 min.

Cooling at 800C

Hydrose injects for 5 min.

The temperature increased at 1100C for 10 min.

Run for 30 min.

Cooling at 800C

Sample check

Rinsing for 15 min.

Hot wash

Cold Wash

Unload the Fabric

Stripping is done on the dyed fabric for this reason this type of re-dyeing increases the cost of the dyeing process.

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