Process Flow Chart OF Cotton Knit Dyeing | Batching To Finishing

Cotton Knit Dyeing

Dyeing process is carried out with the help of dyes and chemicals. Different types are used for dyeing knit fabric. Cotton dyeing is the most important dyeing operation among all the dyeing processes. From spinning to garments to finished goods, a line of processes is maintained.

Cotton Knit Dyeing

Process Flow Chart OF Cotton Knit Dyeing

Cotton fiber and its resulting finished goods are more comfortable than other fiber products. Cotton knit fabric dyeing is carried out according to the following flow chart:

Fabric receiving

Fabric inspection





Peroxide kills Wash



Neutralization after dyeing



Dewatering / Squeezing


Stentering / Compacting

Final Inspection

Here I have given the full wet processing techniques of knit dyeing. Pre-treatment, dyeing, after-treatment, and finishing processes are expressed together.

So, let proceed with the knit dyeing as per the flow chart, which is expressed above.

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