How To Be A Great Fashion Designer || Steps To Become A Fashion Designer

Fashion designing is a creative job. If you have enough creativity then you can decide to be a fashion designer. Fashion designer should have broad knowledge about the present and past fashion. By mixing the both knowledge one can make a future design. Fashion designer should be aware of the color and matching. Every man choice is not same. So the fashion designer should remember the taste of the consumer. Now I like to focus on the steps which will give a man to be a great fashion designer.

Steps To Become A Fashion Designer: A fashion designer should follow the following steps to become a great fashion designer.

Study fashion design trends: If one sees that, he feels more comfort in fashion design related subjects then he should attend a fashion design school to get knowledge about fashion designing. From a fashion design school or university one can get under-graduate, graduate or post graduate degree.

Sketch Designs: After attending a fashion design school, one gets the theoretical knowledge. Then practically he learns to sketch a design. One learns about the drawing and sewing. Different pattern is made by the designer.

Selecting raw materials: Selecting materials is one of the important tasks of a fashion designer. He should remember the properties of the materials.

Production of the desired design: Fashion designer should make a portfolio of the original design. Fashion designer should make as many industry connections as possible. He should get industry experience any way possible. He should learn everything possible about the industry.

Advance designing program: A fashion designer should develop a working knowledge of design-related software programs. One should have knowledge about CAD. Also one should subscribe to trade newspapers and fashion magazines to get the latest updates about fashion design.

The following are the areas that will be covered under various fashion designing courses:

  • Art and design
  • Clothing technology
  • Fashion marketing and buying
  • Fashion
  • Graphic design
  • Knitwear
  • Textiles

So, if you want to be a great fashion designer, you should admit in a fashion design school, institutes or universities.

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1 thought on “How To Be A Great Fashion Designer || Steps To Become A Fashion Designer”

  1. Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I would like to enroll to the university of Garment/ Textile with my experienced, please advise.
    My name is DAO NGUYEN THANH THAI – Tommy, 41 years old.
    I am well experienced in Quality as well as Compliance and competent to handle the complete Quality process from sampling to shipment. I have handled more than fifteen factories at a time which is running CMPT and over ten factories with FOB orders at the same time (Buying office). Also have very good experience in handling heavy wash garments.
    I was an assistant teacher during the last year in my Professional College.
    I have been working for garment field for eighteen years and two years in professional school, I also attended the oversea training for sewing technical in Malaysia
    I had experiences of manufacturing, agent and buying office. I also attend Key Training Course as below:
    – ISO 9002 by United Sweethearts
    – Color For Excellent by Nike Global.
    – SPC (Statistical Process Control) by Liz Claiborne Inc.
    – TQM (Total Quality Management) Vietnamese Ministry of Science and Technology.
    – Logistics Training for Esprit buyer in Hong Kong.
    – Global Seminar Technical in Hong Kong.
    – Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) Global Meeting in Bangkok Thailand.
    – Dealing with different issues of Quality Management, Quality Control and Quality Development in Germany with Witt Group.
    – Global Technical Seminar in Hong Kong.

    Thank you and Best Regards.
    Yours truly,



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