Grading Of Cotton Fiber

Cotton Fiber

Cotton fiber grading is done depending on their physical characteristics such as length, strength, fineness, maturity, trash content, etc. This classification is called the grading of fiber.

Cotton fiber grading depends on the trash content of the cotton fiber. Except for fiber, other impurities and dust such as broken leaves, and broken seeds piece are called the trash of the cotton. If one wants to produce well-qualified yarn one needs to remove all trash and short fiber from the cotton fiber. So, it is required to know the quantity of trash in the cotton. To measure the trash content in the fiber an instrument is used called Shirley Analyser.

Grading Of Cotton Fiber

Grading Of Cotton Fiber:

The Cotton plant is cultivated in most countries of the world. The characteristics of the cotton fiber are not the same, it varies on climate, weather, cultivating system, harvesting system, and others. Here, I have presented some grading systems of some countries by which they grade their cotton.

Grading System of US Cotton:

This grading is done from upper quality to lower quality.

Middle Fair

Strict Good Middling

Good Middling

Strict Middling


Strict Low Middling

Low Middling

Strict Good Ordinary

Good Ordinary

Grading System of Egyptian Cotton:

This cotton grading is done from the upper level to the lower level.

Extra Fine


Fully Good


Fully Good Fair

Good Fair


Grading System Of Indian Cotton:

This grading is done from upper grade to lower grade.

Super Choice


Extra Super Fine

Super Fine


Fully Good


Fully Good Fair

The above grading is the most used grading system and most countries follow the above grading. It is noted that Pakistan and Bangladesh also follow the grading of the US for grading cotton.

So, when you will import cotton from other countries, you have to ensure the correct grades of the cotton fiber.

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