Chemical Composition Of Wool Fiber | Chemical Composition Of Keratin

Wool Fiber

Wool is an important textile fiber. It is a protein fiber; it contains some special proteins like keratin. Keratin is the main chemical component of this fiber. Besides this, it is important to know about the physical and chemical properties of wool.

Wool Fiber
Chemical Composition Of Wool Fiber

Chemical Composition of Wool Fiber

The following is the chemical composition of wool. They are-

  • Keratin: 33%
  • Grease: 28%
  • Suint: 12%
  • Different Impurities: 26%
  • Mineral Water: 1%


The keratin of wool is a protein of empirical formula. The exact composition depends upon the position of the material in the fiber and the treatment to which it has been subjected. Keratin contains sulpher for this reason, it is very easy to separate keratin from the other elements.

Chemical Composition of Keratin

The following is the chemical composition of keratin. They are-

  • Carbon: 50%
  • Hydrogen: 12%
  • Oxygen: 10%
  • Nitrogen: 25%
  • Sulpher: 3%

Different fibers have different chemical compositions. So, we should know the element’s name and its quantity in the composition.

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    If keratin is 50% carbon would this make wool a significant tool for carbon sequestration?

    • Bob Miller

      Wool that is raised on no-till/no fertilized/no irrigation land is a perfect fiber for negative carbon impact. Sheep are moved to areas where grasses are plentiful via mineral supplements. The biting action of the sheeps’ grazing stimulates the grasses to regrow. The excrement of the sheep provides natural fertilization. We supply such a wool raw material and are in the process of measuring our carbon-negative impacts. Please contact us to learn more.

  • Farmanullah

    keratin is a protein that form the structure of wool as well as hair fibre. it contributes in the phyio-mechanical properties of the fibre.

  • joyaljohn333

    sir keratin is very strong particle so we can use the keratin in the hydrogen storage purpose my dout is how can we collect the keratin from the wood.if it is posible

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