Physical And Chemical Properties Of Viscose Rayon

Viscose Rayon

Viscose Rayon is a regenerated cellulosic fiber. It is a manmade fiber but it shows both the properties of natural fiber and synthetic fiber. It will be clear when you will read the following physical and chemical properties of viscose rayon. If we know the properties of the viscose rayon then it will be helpful to proceed to the next process.

Viscose rayon
Physical And Chemical Properties Of Viscose Rayon

Physical Properties of Viscose Rayon:

Like polyester or other manmade fiber, viscose rayon fiber consists of some important physical properties indeed. The following are important physical properties of viscose rayon. They are-

  1. Tenacity: 2.4 – 3.2 gm/den
  2. Density: 1.64 – 1.54 gm/c.c
  3. Elongation at break: 13%
  4. Elasticity: Good
  5. Moisture Regain (MR%): 11 – 13%
  6. Melting point: This fiber becomes weak when heated above 150oc.
  7. Ability to protest friction: Less
  8. Color: White
  9. Light reflection ability: Good but ultraviolet ray damages the fiber.
  10. Luster: light to bright

Chemical Properties of Viscose Rayon:

The following are the various types of chemical properties of viscose rayon fiber. They are-

  1. Acids: Viscose rayon is damaged by strong acids but it is moderate with weak acids.
  2. Basic: Good resistance to weak alkalis but strong alkali is harmful to viscose rayon.
  3. Effect of bleaching: Strong oxidizing agents damage the viscose rayon fiber.
  4. Organic solvent: Viscose rayon fiber has enough ability to protest the action of organic solvents.
  5. Protection ability against mildew: Not good and mildew damages the rayon fiber.
  6. Protection ability against insects: Viscose rayon is affected by insects and they cause harm to the fiber.
  7. Dyes: Viscose rayon could be dye with direct, vat, and sulphur dyes.

So, that’s all about the physical and chemical properties of viscose rayon.

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  1. Ques. Viscose rayon is chemically?
    1.cellulose nitrate 2.regenerated cellulose nitrate 3. Regerated cellulose acetate
    4.cellulose acetate 5.regenerated cellulose …
    Sir which one is right answer…

  2. what may be the chemical composition of spin bath while using anionic pigment in the viscose solution for dyeing purpose?


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