Functions Of Different Section In An Apparel Industry

Apparel Industry

The apparel or garment industry is the final stage of textile manufacturing where cloth is cut into different parts and sew to make various types of apparel. However, different shapes and styles of fabrics are made according to the buyer’s requirements. Besides, the management of the industry set up their garment production line with the required types of equipment which is essential for end-product production.

Different Section In An Apparel Industry

Different Section In An Apparel Industry

The apparel industry consists of different sections, in contrast. On the other hand, every section is responsible for better production. Overall, I include the section which is directly related to the production. Besides, there is some subdivision in all the sections which will perform continuously through that section. The following sections are the principle section regarding production. The following are the functions of different sections of the apparel industry:. They are-

Sample Section

The sample section is the first section of the apparel manufacturing industry.

  • Firstly, to make the correct sample is the first functions of sample section.
  • On the other hand, to perform pattern grading, use another function.

Cutting Section

The cutting section is the second section after the sample section. The cutter operates for the cutting operation. The following work is performed in the cutting section. They are-

  • Firstly, fabric spreading on the cutting table or floor.
  • Secondly, marker making according to the pattern.
  • Lastly, to cut fabric according to the marker.

Sewing Section

In the sewing section, cut pieces of fabric are assembled in the sewing operation.

  • Apparel is assembled by sewing.
  • After sewing, inspection is done to identify the sewing faults.

Finishing Section

After sewing, the fabric is sent to the finishing section. Here, different ornamenting work is performed to prepare the products for shipment.

  • Ironing
  • Folding
  • Packing
  • Arranging
  • The quality control officer performs the final inspection before shipment. After quality inspection, it decides whether the fabric is ok for delivery or not.


The store is essential to preserve the raw materials and final finished goods. It is important to maintain correct information about the currently stored materials.

  • Material receiving.
  • Issue to production units.

Maintenance Section

The maintenance section is responsible to ensure the proper function of the machine and its parts. They do the following works.

  • To store machine parts.
  • To supply tools and equipments.

The above sections are important to maintain good production efficiency. If any of the sections becomes fail to maintain the proper work then the production will hamper.

So, management, who is responsible for the production, should ensure the proper work of each section of the apparel industry. However, the management should give deep concern to employees’ and workers’ safety because the buyer always follows the compliance issue regarding the workplace environment of the garment industry. Besides, it is important to implement some improvement techniques such as 5S, Kaizen, TQM, and TPM for continuous improvement of the process to get maximum profit.

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