Covering Chain Stitch: Features and Their Uses

Covering Chain Stitch

Covering chain stitch is a special type of stitch. It is widely used for sewing cushion covers. According to the British standard 3870 and ISO 4915:1991, covering chain stitch is classified as class 600. A flatlock sewing machine is used for the formation of a covering chain stitch.

Features of Covering Chain Stitch

The features of the covering chain stitch are given below.

  • Covering chain stitch is formed from three thread system.
  • The cover thread lie on the top surface and are held by the needle threads and looper threads.
  • It is especially used for making flat, extensible seams in knitted fabrics.

Uses of Covering Chain Stitch

The uses of covering chain stitch are given below.

  1. It is used for the edge covering of cushions.
  2. Covering chain stitch is used for sleeve hemp and bottom hemp.
  3. It is also used for decorative purposes.

So, covering chain stitch has great importance in garment sewing.

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