Features Of Lock Stitch Sewing Machine || Plain Sewing Machine

Lock Stitch Sewing Machine

Lock stitch is one of the most important stitch types among all the stitches. It is used to make pants, shirts, dresses, and various parts of apparel. The plain sewing machine is used for lock stitch. The plain sewing machine is also called a lock stitch machine. To operate this machine, one should have practical knowledge about plain sewing machines.

Features of Lock Stitch Sewing Machine

The plain sewing machine is used for lock stitch formation. The following are the features of the lock stitch sewing machine.

  • Firstly, lock stitch is formed by single needle of a plain sewing machine.
  • Secondly, the speed of a lock stitch sewing machine is up to 6000 rpm.
  • Thirdly, during stitch formation; the needle thread is interlaced with the bobbin thread by means of a hook.
  • Therefore, lock stitch machine can be distinguished by the winding device provided for bobbin thread.
  • Lastly, programmable plain sewing machine is used for sew repetitive operation.

Lock stitch or plain sewing machine is made by various famous sewing machine manufacturers. Day by day, they manufacture such types of machines which have the latest sewing technology. Brothers, Singer, Juki, Butterfly, and others are the major sewing machine manufacturer.

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