Features and Uses Of Bar Tacking Sewing Machine

Bar Tacking Sewing Machine

Bar tacking sewing machine is an important one in apparel manufacturing. It is used to form a lock stitch.

Features Of Bar Tacking Machine

The features of this machine are given below.

  • These machines provide forward and backward stitching in short lengths (about 6 cm) and sew a dense tack.
  • Bar tacks containing 18 to 72 stitches, have the option to change stitch density.
  • Bar tacking machine based on lock stitches.
Bar Tacking Sewing Machine

Uses of Bar Tacking Machine in Apparel Sewing

The uses of bar tacking machines in apparel sewing are given below.

  1. A bar-tacking sewing machine is used to secure pocket corners, belt loops, the open end of a button hole, zipper flies.
  2. These machine is also used for small decorative tacks and shapes.

So, that’s all about the bar-tacking sewing machine.

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