Features Of Weft Rib Structure || Name Of Rib Fabrics

Weft Rib

The main characteristic of plain rib weave is that it produces ribs or cords in the warp or weft directions. If the cords or ribs produce in the weft direction then it is called warp rib and if the cords or ribs produce in the warp direction then it is called weft rib. This weft rib is classified into two sides, they are

  1. Regular weft rib, and
  2. Irregular weft rib.

Features of Weft Rib Structure:

The characteristics of warp rib and weft rib are not the same, there is some basic difference in their basic structure. Here, I have given some features of the weft rib structure. The followings are the features of weft rib structures. They are as:

  • Firstly, weft rib produces ribs or cords in the warp direction.
  • Secondly, finer yarn is used as weft and coarser one as warp.
  • If the number of picks is more than the number of ends in a unit space, then yarn of same count may be used.
  • Then, two or more warp yarn pass over or under a weft yarn.
  • After that, two heald shafts are used.
  • Lastly, weft rib is used for producing Blankets, hair cords etc.

In sum, above all are the main features of the weft rib structure. Surely, these features will help one to identify weft rib fabrics among the others.

Name of Rib Fabric:

Following woven fabric is produced by plain rib structure. They are:

  1. Cord Fabric
  2. Bayadere
  3. Ottoman
  4. Poplin Fabric
  5. Blankets
  6. Broadcloth
  7. faille
  8. Hair Cords
  9. Shantung
  10. Taffeta

Above fabrics are both warp and weft rib plain fabric. So, find out which is warp rib fabric and which is weft rib fabric. In fact, it needs to take a quality check to identify warp and weft ribs. Markedly, the fabric designer and fabric manufacturer works on it.

So, there are lots of rib fabrics in the market for our daily uses.

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