Characteristics, Uses Of Grouped Draft, And Curved Draft

Grouped Draft And Curved Draft

The grouped draft and curved draft are two important drafting systems for fabric manufacturing to produce decorative garments. The grouped draft is generally used to produce a check or stripe design for the woven fabric. The curved draft is used for producing fancy designs with a large repeat unit.

Characteristics of a Grouped Draft

The characteristics of the grouped draft are given below.

  1. Check and stripe designs are produced by grouped draft.
  2. The repeat of the draft is determined by the number of stripes and the number of threads in each stripe.
  3. The number of shafts in the draft depends on the number of stripes and warp repeat of the weave of each repeat.

Characteristics Of Curved Draft

The characteristics of the curved draft are given below.

  • The curved draft is applied for Fancy weaves having a large warp repeat.
  • It is used to reduce the number of heald shafts in a repeat.
  • Curved drafts are irregular and cannot be classified.
  • The maximum number of shafts equals the number of threads in warp repeat with different orders of interlacing.

So, that’s all about the grouped draft and curved draft.

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