Sewing Flow Chart Of T-Shirt Manufacturing In Garment

In apparel manufacturing industry; various types of apparel are manufactured according to the buyer requirement. After getting an order, bulk production run in the garments. Among all of the apparel manufacturing techniques, T-Shirt manufacturing is simplest one. Although its sewing sequence is differ from the Polo-Shirt. Sewing sequence of T-Shirt is done as the following. … Read more

Polo Shirt Manufacturing Process in Garment Industry

Polo Shirt Polo-Shirt is one of the stylish apparels in the world. This type of shirt could be made of cotton or synthetic fibers. Its sewing operation is done with great care. It is near similar to a T-Shirt. After passing the cutting section, different cut parts are assembled in the sewing section by sewing … Read more

Flow Chart Of Jacked Manufacturing Process In Garment Industry

Jacked Manufacturing In the apparel manufacturing industry; there are different types of apparel are manufactured. All of the garments are not the same in size or style. Depending on the size and style they are named in various ways. Jacked is one type of garment which is especially popular to the young generation as well … Read more

Principles of CAD or Digitized System Of Pattern Making

Pattern Making In garments making; different types of modern equipment are added to ensure the quality of the products. Day by day; man wants to design their pattern by the modern system. For this man introduced CAD and Digitizing system for making the pattern design. This system also decreases the rate of defects in garments. … Read more

Construction Of A Needle || Needle For Sewing Machine

Needle The needle is the key to sewing. Basically, sewing thread is passed through the needle. Moreover, different stitching is done by the needle. The faulty needle can also bring some fabric faults in the fabrics. The needle is different in size, particularly which is expressed by needle number. We also know needle types also … Read more

Garments Sewing Machines || Application of Sewing Machines In Apparel Manufacturing

Sewing Machines In apparel manufacturing; sewing machines are used for joining the fabric parts which are supplied from the cutting section. Various types of stitching are done in the sewing section with the help of a needle. Also, various accessories are sewed by this machine. Application of Sewing Machines In Apparel Manufacturing: I like to … Read more

Flow Chart Of Management Hierarchy For Garment Industry

Garment Industry Apparel manufacturing industries are the fast-growing sector in developing and under-developing countries. Different factors are responsible for this reason. Anyhow an industry that is small or large has a managerial system by which that industry is running. The term management hierarchy also stands for organogram of an industry. In an organogram, different levels … Read more

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