Uses Of Silicon Softener | Amphoteric Softener

Softener Amphoteric softener and silicon softener are not widely used. Silicon softener is the latest type of softener. Properties of Amphoteric Softener: These molecules consist of one or longer alkyl chains attached to polar molecules which contain both anionic and cationic groups. Their nature depends on PH. Neutral PH: No ionic Lower PH: Cationic Higher … Read more

Properties, Advantages, And Disadvantages Of Nonionic Softener

Nonionic Softener Nonionic softener is widely used on synthetic fibers and their blends. It is compatible to use for synthetic fibers. Properties of Nonionic Softener: The Properties of the nonionic softener are given below. Nonionic softener is applied to synthetic fibers and their blends. It is fairly soluble in water. Its color is like creamy … Read more

Properties, Advantages, And Disadvantages Of Anionic Softener

Anionic Softener Anionic softener is not so used as a cationic softener. This softener is applied to cellulosic and its blend textile materials. Properties of Anionic Softener: The following are properties of an anionic softener. They are- Firstly, anionic softener is applied on cellulose and its blend. Secondly, anionic softener is not permanent and not … Read more

Principles And Working Procedure Of Computerized Knife Cutting Machine

Computerized Knife Cutting Machine A computerized knife cutter is a modern fabric cutting system. Various types of cutting instruments are used for fabric cutting in the garment industry. Principles Of Computerized Knife Cutting Machine: The principles of a computerized knife cutting system are given below. At first, a marker is made by CAD. Then, fabric … Read more

Features Of Water Jet Cutting Machine For Garment Manufacturing

Water Jet Cutting Machine A water jet cutting machine is a modern cutting instrument. It is run by a computerized system. Special software is used for doing this cutting. Laser cutter and water jet cutter both are operated by computer. Features Of Water Jet Cutter: The features of the water jet cutter are given below. … Read more

Properties Of Industrial Fabric Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting Machine A laser cutting machine is a computerized cutting system. The laser cutter is not suitable for fabric cutting. It is generally used for special purposes. It is not as popular as the other fabric cutting system. Features of Laser Cutting Machine: The features of the laser cutter are given below. Laser cutter … Read more

Uses Of Drill And Notcher Cutting Machine In Apparel Industry

Drill And Notcher Cutting Machine Drill and notcher are other types of cutting instruments in the apparel industry. It is specially used to mark and cut at corner points where necessary. Uses Of Drill And Notcher Cutting Machine In Apparel Industry: The following are the uses of drill and notcher cutting machines in apparel manufacturing. … Read more

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