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How To Evaluate Costing For A Garment Product || Cost Analysis

Costing means to calculate the total investment for producing a product and how much profit will come from that’s investment.

It is most important to calculate the processing cost before starting production. During costing, cost analyzer should consider all the cost regarding that’s product production.

Costing system mainly describe how the cost of final product is fixed by the company or top management. A finished goods manufacturing company if it has knitting, dyeing and garments section then its costing for a product will be different from single manufacturing unit like spinning, knitting or dyeing. If it is a garment manufacturing factory, then according to the buyer or customer requirements of final garments, merchandiser give the consumption of the fabric with specification. Then it is calculated how much dyestuff and chemicals are required for processing. After that, the final cost is fixed including some profit. Then the unit price is offered to the buyer for their approval.

Costing of a product includes different factor. They are as follow:

  1. Yarn cost
  2. Knitting cost
  3. Dyes & Chemicals cost
  4. Cost of dyeing
  5. Cost of finishing
  6. Cost of cutting, sewing and accessories.
  7. Cost of printing (If needed)
  8. Labor cost (Direct or indirect)
  9. Factory cost
  10. Office and Administrative cost
  11. Sales and carrying cost
  12. Others cost
  13. Profits
  14. E.T.C

Costing of a factory is very secret matter. If costing is appropriate for making products then profit can come in any way.

So, manufacturers should consider the product manufacturing cost and its sale value.

Garments || Flow Chat of Apparel Manufacturing

Garments are the final achievement of textile processing, which started from fiber as a raw material of finished goods. After completing spinning, weaving, wet processing; the materials are ready for apparel manufacturing. Apparel is made generally from dyed or printed fabrics. The process of making a garment according to the pattern, desired design and style is called garment manufacturing.

Garments are produced in a line of sequence, which is either manually controlled or computerized. Anyhow, the sequence of a garment manufacturing is as follows:

Design/ Sketch

Pattern Design

Sample Making

Production Pattern


Marker Making

Fabric Spreading

Fabric Cutting

Sorting/ Bundling

Sewing / Assembling

Pressing/ Finishing

Final Inspection


Dispatch to Buyer or Retailer

Now a days the sequence of manufacturing a apparel is controlled by modern technology. Different types of software is used in garments industry. A huge investigation is needed in the every steps of processing.

Anyhow, garments industry has a bright future.