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Jute Mills in Bangladesh | Government and Private Sector

All of you know that Bangladesh is popular for jute. It is one of the principle crops of Bangladesh. A large amount of jute is cultivated here. Bangladesh is the world’s largest grower of quality jute. A large amount of jute goods are exported all over the world.

Jute mills are extended here rapidly. In Bangladesh two types of jute mills are available one is government owned another is personal owned. So I like to introduce you with some of the jute mills.

Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation (BJMC), which is a governmental organization. It is inform you that BJMC is the world’s biggest state owned manufacturing and exporting organization of all kinds of jute products. BJMC controlled the following jute mills, which is situated in different zone of the country. Depending on that whole country is divided into three zones. Followings are the mills name list:

  • Dhaka Zone:
  1. Karim Jute Mills Ltd.
  2. Latif  Bawany Jute Mills Ltd.
  3. U.M.C Jute mills ltd.
  4. Jatio Jute Mills Ltd.
  5. Bangladesh Jute Mills Ltd.
  6. Rajshahi Jute Mills Ltd.
  • Chittagong Zone:
  1. Amin Jute Mills Ltd.
  2. Amin Old Field Ltd.
  3. Gul Ahmed Jute Mills Ltd
  4. Hafiz Jute Mills Ltd.
  5. Karnafuli Jute Mills Ltd.
  6. Development of Decorative Fabric
  7. M.M Jute Mills Ltd.
  8. R.R Jute Mills Ltd.
  9. Bagdad-Dhaka Carpet Factory Ltd.
  10. Furat kanafuli Carpet factory.
  • Khulna Zone:
  1. Aleem Jute Mills Ltd.
  2. Carpeting Jute Mills Ltd.
  3. Crescent Jute Mills Ltd.
  4. Eastern Jute Mills Ltd.
  5. Jessore Jute Industries Ltd.
  6. Khalishpur Jute Mills Ltd.
  7. Platinum Jubilee Jute Mills Ltd.
  8. Star Jute Mills Ltd.
  • Non Jute mills:
  1. Galfra Habib Ltd.
  2. Mills Furnishing Ltd.
  3. Jute-Fibre glass industries.

Now, all of my friends, I would like to introduce you with another organization which control jute mills in private sector. Bangladesh Jute Spinners Association, which represents the jute spinning sector of Bangladesh. Followings are the name list:

  • Dhaka Zone:
  1. Anwar Jute Mills Ltd.
  2. Alhaj Jute Mills Ltd.
  3. A.R.A Jute Mills Ltd.
  4. Bengal Jute Industries Ltd.
  5. Broad Burlap Industries Ltd.
  6. Fatima-Alyaf Tala-e Jute Industries Ltd.
  7. Haji Shamsuddin Jute Mills (Pvt.) Ltd.
  8. Islam Khan Jute Mills Ltd.
  9. Uni Alliance Jute Industries Ltd.
  10. Janata Jute Mills Ltd.
  11. JRF Jute Spinners Ltd.
  12. Keraniganj Jute Fibres Ltd.
  13. Lytton Jute Mills Ltd.
  14. Nawab Abdul Malek Jute Mills (BD) Ltd.
  15. New Dacca Industries Ltd.
  16. Nissan Jute Mills Ltd.
  17. Popular Jute Mills Ltd.
  18. Prime Plus Diversified Jutex Ltd.
  19. R.K  Jute Mills Ltd.
  20. Reliance Jute Mills Ltd.
  21. Shamsher Jute Mills Ltd.
  22. Shihab Jute Mills Ltd.
  23. Supreme Jute & Knitex Ltd.
  24. Sarwar Jute Mills Ltd.
  25. Teamex Jute Mills Ltd.
  • Chittagong Zone:
  1. Chittagong Jute Mfg. Co. ltd.
  2. Hajigong jute mills (Pvt) Ltd.
  3. Islam Carpet Industeies Ltd.
  4. Kwality Jute Yarn Mills Ltd.
  5. Sadat Jute Industries Ltd.
  6. Usha Jute spinners Ltd.
  7. Sonali Aansh Industries Ltd.
  • Khulna Zone:
  1. Ahad Jute Mills Ltd.
  2. Ahad Jute Spinners Ltd.
  3. Akij Jute Mills Ltd.
  4. Afil Jute Weving Mills ltd.
  5. Al-Haj Aminuddin Jute Mills Ltd.
  6. Alnas Jute Diversified Prod. Ltd.
  7. Aziz Fibres Ltd.
  8. A.H. Jute Spinners & Belting Ltd.
  9. AKW Burlap And Bag Industries Ltd.
  10. Altu Khan Jute Mills Ltd.
  11. Amena Jute Fibres Ltd.
  12. B.S. Jute spinners Ltd.
  13. Charmuguria Jute Mills Ltd.
  14. Faridpur Jute Fibres Ltd.
  15. Ferdaus Jute Mills Ltd.
  16. GEM Jute Mills Ltd.
  17. Golden Jute Industries ltd.
  18. Jespar Jute Mills Ltd.
  19. Jute Spinners Ltd.
  20. Jobaida Karim Jute Mills Ltd.
  21. Jute Textile Mills Ltd.
  22. Jamuna Jute Industries Ltd
  23. Karim Jute Spinners Ltd.
  24. Khansons Jutex Ltd.
  25. Laxman Jute Mills Ltd.
  26. Majeda Jute Industries ltd.
  27. Moon Star Jute Mills Ltd.
  28. Nowapara Jute Mills Ltd.
  29. Northern Jute Mfg. Co. Ltd.
  30. Nihaj Jute Spinners Ltd.
  31. Patuakhali Jute Mills Ltd.
  32. Pride Jute Mills Ltd.
  33. Parex Jute Mills Ltd.
  34. Rajbari Jute Mills Ltd.
  35. Razzaque Jute Industries Ltd.
  36. Rahman Jute Spinners (Pvt) Ltd.
  37. Sagar Jute Spinning Mills Ltd.
  38. Sharif Jute Mills Ltd.
  39. Sidlaw Textiles (BD) Ltd.
  40. Specialised Jute Yarn & Twine Mfg. Co. Ltd.
  41. Sayeed Jute Spinning Ltd.
  42. Super Jute Mills Ltd.
  43. S.Jute Industries Ltd.
  44. Sarah composite Mills Ltd.
  45. Salam Jute mills (Pvt) Ltd.
  46. Transocean Fibres processing (BD) Ltd.
  47. Wahab Jute Mills Ltd.
  48. Zaman Jute Diversified Mills Ltd.

Yes, above are the most common jute mills. There have also some jute mills which are under construction. Jute & jute related business is growing rapidly.

So, we should have information about this sector.


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7 thoughts on “Jute Mills in Bangladesh | Government and Private Sector

  • Gary says:

    my name is Gary, and i am from Australia.
    I have invested interests in a new concept design for Jute products to be export to Australia.
    I have a full confidentiality agreement and i need to speak to the Government department within the Jute Industry.
    Can someone contact me ASAP.

    • Saeyd says:

      Dear Sir,

      We are one of the leading raw jute exporter in Bangladesh. 3 times we achive Gold Trophy for the Export Performance of Raw Jute. You can contact with our Managing Director Dr. Ashoke Kumar Das. Email: akjute@yahoo.com.uk hope he can give you a very good support. because he is in industrialist he have a PP Woven bag manufacturing plant.

  • sureshkuamr.A says:

    we are from India , interested in import of jute yarn from B’desh. may contact our email ad: rattirupur@gmail.com

    • Jobaer says:


      Good to see your inquiry that you are looking for import Jute from Bangladesh can you let me know your requirements direct to my mail so that we can arrange right back to you the next steps I/order to start,Thanks.


      New-Limits Agencies
      Cell : 0088-01825-912301
      skype : utpal_textile
      E-mail : jobaer@newlimitsbd.com,

  • This is amir rangan from Bangladesh.We make jute dress for winter season base country.If any buyer need, Fell free contact with me……………….

    Md.Amir hossain(rangan)

  • Hi purchasing manager,
    Good day!

    We are leading manufacturer with whole production CB. CRM. CRT. CRX with good quality and pretty competitive price.

    Also we have our own professional designers to meet any of your requirements.
    If you are interested in, please let me know your demand.
    Thanks for your valuable time.

  • IMRAN HASAN says:

    Ami khub gorbito,je b.j.m.c er dara onek golo jute mills poricalito hocce.
    Ami b.j.m.c er chairman k donnobad janai je tini ottento sofolotar shate ai golo poricalona korcen.
    Thank you everybody.

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