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Industrial Security || Threats Of Industrial Security

Industry is the place where products are manufactured. Security is essential for all types of organization. In everyday life, man wants to get safety and security. The security issue is the major concern of peoples. When a person involve in his work, he or she wants to complete his or her work without any hazards. For this reason, different organization tries to give best security to his employees or workers. The International Labor Organization (ILO) is deeply concern about the security and safety of the workers. They emphasis on the compliance of workers. The grading of the industry is involved on the facility given to the employee and workers of the industry.

Threats of Industrial Security: In the industrial area, the authority of the industry is deeply concern about the industrial security. Most of the cases, the authority faces different types of problems for the locals and political issues. The threats differ depending on the location of the industry. The industrial threats are commonly seen in most of the developing countries. Here, I like to write something about the threats of industrial security. They are-

  • Arson: Arson is the most dangerous security threats for the industry. Arson refers, if anyone wants to make fire willingly in the industry to make harm to the industry. It could be most harmful for the industry.
  • Assault: If anyone attacks anyone physically then it is called as assault. It is the dangerous industrial threats. It breaks the discipline of the industry. So, should ensure to assault free industry.
  • Burglary: If anyone entre into the industry forcely then it is called burglary. It is another threat of the security of the industry. The security should restrict this type of intension of the people.
  • Civil Disturbance: Civil disturbance is another type of industrial security threats. Sometimes, this type of problem arises due to local issue. For this reason, the supreme authority has to maintain a good relationship with the local cavils.
  • Kidnap: Kidnap is other types of security threats of the industry.
  • Bomb Threats: Bomb threats are the modern industrial threating issue of the industry. The security has to aware about the bomb threats.

To make threats free of the industry is the main responsibility of the security department of an industry or an organization.

Quality Test In Different Section Of Jute Mills || Raw Jute To Finishing

Quality is must for getting good price of the finished goods. So, it is important to ensure the quality of the finished goods. This quality should be ensured from the beginning of the production. In jute mills, quality test should be started form the jute section to the finishing section. In the intermediate process it is also important to check the quality of the product. It is an online quality control. The quality section should give proper suggestion the concern about the product quality. By this way, a complete quality product could be gained.

Quality Test in Different Section of Jute Mills: Here, I listed most of the quality test which is required to carry out during processing. They are-


  • Jute grading
  • Moisture (MR%) in jute
  • Weight of Morah and its roots equality


  1. Percentage of emulsion composition
  2. Stability of emulsion
  3. Application percentage of emulsion on jute
  4. Size of pile
  5. Maturity of pile
  6. Temperature of pile


  • Dollop weight check
  • Weight of sliver
  • CV% of sliver
  • Moisture in sliver


  1. Count of yarn test
  2. Yarn strength
  3. Twist of yarn
  4. Ends down per minutes
  5. Spinning random study
  6. Moisture % in yarn


  • Size of cop
  • Faults in cop and spool


  1. Number of yarn for specific quality of cloth
  2. Application % of starch
  3. Moisture MR% test


  • Fault of cloth
  • Cloth strength
  • Weight of cloth (light or heavy)
  • Measurement of cloth ( length and width)
  • Oil in cloth
  • Moisture MR% in cloth


  1. Scale check
  2. Fault in bag
  3. Bag measurement
  4. Sewing number in bag
  5. Bag weight (light or heavy)
  6. Weight of bale (light or heavy)
  7. Marking check
  8. Bale survey

So, that’s all about the quality test in jute mills.

Top Jute Goods Producing Industrial Countries Of The World || World Jute Industry

Jute is the natural fiber. It has great demand in the world market. It is generally produced in the fertile soil owned land. Bangladesh, India, China are the top jute producing countries. To process the raw jute into jute goods, different jute spinning and weaving industries are established in the different parts of the world. Here, I have listed the most jute industrial countries name in the below.

World Jute Industry: Bangladesh is the top jute goods producing country in the world. Most jute mills are established in Bangladesh with compared to total number of jute mills of the world. The Bangladeshi jute goods are exported in the different parts of the world. If anyone wants to get jute goods they can contract with the regarding jute mills owner. In the below, I have listed top jute goods producing countries name list. They are-

  1. Bangladesh
  2. India
  3. China
  4. Myanmar
  5. Pakistan
  6. Thailand
  7. Nepal
  8. Vietnam
  9. Brazil
  10. Iran
  11. Nigeria
  12. Rumania
  13. Malaysia
  14. Cote d’Ivoire
  15. Ghana

Day by day, different jute mills are established in different countries. This list could be changed if the number of jute mills is increased in the listed countries.