Grey Knit Fabric Inspection System In Batching Section | Quality Assurance

The inspection and grading of fabric quality is one of the important functions of Quality Control in the grey or finished state, the grading of fabric is a difficult task, taking two primary considerations: as the frequency of effects and the seriousness of defects.

The grading has two primary functions: First, to classify the fabrics according to standard qualities based on the end-use and costumer demands and second, to supply information as to the qualities actually being produced.

The Knitted fabric can be classified into three levels of quality, each one have a number of points for defects as follows.

The First quality level             : 40 points per 100 Linear Yards.

The Second quality level         : (40 – 80) points per 100 Linear Yards.

The Third quality level             : 80 points or more per 100 Linear Yards.

General Instructions for the final inspection: Before sending the grey knit fabrics to the dyeing floor, following inspection is done in batching section.

  1. All pieces will be graded on the base of 40 points per 100 linear yards Mapping will be done on each piece to insure proper grading. Do not count more than 4 points per one yard.
  2. All defects must be recorded and marked in final inspection and an accurate account of points made to insure proper grading.
  3. All fabric must meet specifications.
  4. At the end of each piece of fabric, the inspector will add up total points and decide whether the piece can be shipped as first quality or not, reworked, placed in lower quality, or cut and upgraded for shipment. Fifteen yards or more can be shipped as first quality.
  5. The quality control supervisor must approve the grading of all quality levels and check the lower quality.
  6. Major or unsightly defects in the first and last yard of a roll or piece will be cut. All defects of one yard length or more will be cut out of the piece. Defects within the first 2 inches or the last 2 inches of a piece will not be cut out or counted in the grading.
  7. Open defects on the back of fabric such as drops, runs and hanging picks are to be included in the grading of fabric.
  8. Pieces can be connected together, once each piece must be the same shade.
  9. All defects such as runs that extend more than a yard in length will be cut out.
  10. Fabric up to 70 inches will be allowed a bow of not more than 1 inch and a Bias of not more than 2 inches.
  11. Defects within one inch of the fabric edge will not be counted except on tubular fabrics. All defects will be counted in tubular goods.

Grading Procedure: During inspection, following points are considered.

  1. All open defects or major defects counted with 4 points per defect.
  2. Surface defects over 9 inch length counted with 4 points per defect.
  3. Surface defects 6 to 9 inches length counted with 3 points per defect.
  4. Surface defects 3 to 6 inches length counted with 2 points per defect.
  5. Surface defects up to 3 inches length counted with one point per defect.
  6. Running defects, such as tucks, needle lines, barre, crack marks, are judgment defects

Batching is the process to get ready the fabrics which should be dyed and processed for a particular lot of a particular order.

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