4 Point System For Knit Fabric Quality Measurement

4 Point System

In the knit fabric inspection system, most companies follow four-point systems for measuring the quality of the knit fabric. There are various methods for measuring the quality of the knit fabric, but among all of the methods, four-point systems are preferable to the inspector of the quality.

After knitting; knitted fabrics are gathered in front of the checking table and the quality inspector inspects the quality of the knit fabric and listed the fabric faults found in the knit fabric and marks the knit fabric.

4 Point System
4 Point System

Most knit fabric manufacturing companies maintain the ISO: 9001:2000 standards in case of quality. Therefore, the four-point systems are followed to inspect the body & rib fabric. The defects found and the points given are recorded in the inspection sheet. The following table shows the four-point grading system followed by inspection at different knitting mills. Additionally, a grey fabric inspection machine is used to measure the quality of the fabric.

4 Point System for Knit Fabric Quality Measurement:

During the inspection, if the inspector found any knitting faults then he marks them in the fabric and counts them on the sheet. During the inspection, the following points are considered.

Knitting FaultPoint
Any hole4
Needle/Sinker line4
Needle breakage(up to 10)4
Press off4
Thick, Thin, Dirt, Oil spot, Contamination up to 3″ in length1
Thick, Thin, Dirt, Oil spot, Contamination up to 6″ in length2
Thick, Thin, Dirt, Oil spot, Contamination up to 9″ in length3
Thick, Thin, Dirt, Oil spot, Contamination above  9″ in length4

4 Point System Knit Fabric Inspection Formula:

Quality (points per 100 square meter) = (Total point X GSM) / (Roll weight x 10)

Quality Classification:

After calculating the quality of the knit fabrics, the decision is delivered according to the following way.

<2020 – 30>30

So, when we will check the quality of the knit fabric, we should follow the four-point system.

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  • 4point greading system i don’t know but how can 4points greading system.

  • Neelakantan S

    What is the acceptable performance of a knitting yarn in a wider width fine gauge knitting machines especially Ne 60 and Ne 50 cotton combed counts. The customer is complaining about kneedle breakages. How many kneedle breakages are acceptable in 100 Kg of knitted fabric in 44 inch and 34 inch wider width machine of single gersey.

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