Types Of Off-Line Quality Control Test In The Textile Industry

Quality Control System

The Quality control department plays an important role in all types of manufacturing units. In textile; it has great importance. In knitting, the four-point system is used to measure the quality of the knit fabric. A quality assurance system consists of two types; they are-

  1. On line quality assurance system
  2. Offline quality assurance system
Off line Quality Control
Off-Line Quality Control Test In The Textile Industry

Off line Quality Assurance System:

This type of system consists of a quality measuring system when the production process is completed. Here, I have described the quality assurance system of the dyeing and finishing unit. All the Off-Line tests for finished fabrics can be grouped as follows:

  • Physical tests
  • Chemical tests

Physical Tests:

The following is the physical test in the offline quality control system. They are-

  1. Threads per inch
  2. Fabric weight
  3. Width test
  4. Tensile strength
  5. Tear strength
  6. Seam slippage
  7. Abrasion resistance
  8. Pilling resistance
  9. Thermal stability
  10. Crease resistance
  11. Stretchability & growth recovery
  12. Smoothness appearance

Chemical Tests:

The following is the chemical test in the offline quality control system. They are-

  1. Fastness to washing.
  2. Fastness to light
  3. Heat Fastness
  4. Fastness to actual laundering
  5. Fastness to seawater
  6. The Fastness of Chlorinated water
  7. Fastness to water spotting
  8. Fastness to perspiration

Equipment Used For Test:

Various types of machinery and equipment are used to measure quality testing. The following equipment is the main instrument for testing. However, All of the equipment is not manufactured by the same manufacturing companies. Various machine manufacturing companies are responsible to provide such types of equipment to the textile mill.

  1. Spectrophotometer with software (Data color)
  2. Martindale Abrasion Tester
  3. Day lightbox
  4. Sample dyeing machine (2)
  5. Iron
  6. Electric Balance
  7. Crock meter
  8. Data color
  9. Washing m/c
  10. GSM Tester
  11. PH meter

So, we should perform offline quality assurance with great care.