Features Of Over Lock Sewing Machine In Garment Manufacturing

Over lock sewing machine is used to form over lock stitch. It is used to sew both knit and woven fabric. Side seam, armhole and sleeve of a shirt are sewing by over lock stitch also inseam and side seam of a pant sew by over lock machine. So, over lock sewing machine has a great importance in apparel manufacturing.

Features Of Over Lock Sewing Machine in Garment Manufacturing: The features of over lock sewing machine are given below.

  • Over lock machine makes an edge finish as well as to sew seams.
  • In one operation; cuts off the fabric to smooth edge and wraps thread around the edge.
  • A simple over lock machine has 1 thread and 2 loopers and works with 3 spools or cones of thread.
  • Speed of over lock sewing machine is up to 8500 rpm.

So, when you will work with over lock machine, you have to aware about the general properties of the over lock sewing machine.

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