Features and Uses Of Safety Over Lock Sewing Machine

Safety Over Lock Sewing Machine

Safety overlock machine is essential in garment sewing for safety stitching. Different safety overlock sewing machine is available in the market. Some are high speed and some are low speedy. Manufacturers of safety overlock machines are trying to add some advanced features to this machine.

Features of Safety Over Lock Sewing Machine:

The features of the safety overlock machine are given below.

  • The features of safety over lock machine are near similar as over lock machine.
  • It is a combination of 2 thread chain stitch and 3 threads over lock machine.
  • Used for needles, 3 loopers and 5 cones of thread.
  • It provides straight chain stitch plus an edge finish.
  • The safety factor is that, one row of stitching comes out; the other still holds the garment together.

So, a safety overlock machine is important for forming safety stitching in the fabric.

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