Types Of Fabric Packages For Garment Manufacturing

Fabric Spreading

Spreading of fabric is done in both manual and mechanical methods. Here, the fabric is unwound from the fabric roll. Fabric may be woven or knitted. This fabric roll is formed in tubular or open-width form.

Types of Fabric Packages for Fabric Spreading

Various fabric packages are used for fabric spreading. They are-

Roll Form

This type of roll is formed by the open-width fabric. The open-width fabric roll is used for making woven apparel. Woven fabric is formed in open width but the sometimes knit fabric is found in open width. In the case of knit fabric, the tubular fabric is cut for making open width form by the slitting machine.

Roll Form

This type of roll is formed by the tubular fabric. The tubular fabric roll is used for making knitwear.

Flat Form

Flatform fabric package is mostly used for knitwear.

Hanging Form

It is used for both woven and knitwear, especially for velvet fabric or pile fabrics.


Splicing means overlapping during spreading fabric from roll. When ply end is overlapped with other ply end that is called splicing.

So, there are lots of fabric packages for fabric spreading in the apparel manufacturing process.