Chemical Composition Of Flax Fiber | Linen Fiber Composition

Linen fiber is collected from the flax fiber. It is a natural, cellulosic, bast and multi cellular fiber. At first it is used in the industry among all of the vegetable fiber. The fabric and yarn which is collected from the flax plant is called linen.

Chemical Composition of Flax Fiber: Every fiber has a chemical composition and it is important to know before its processing. Linen fiber is a cellulosic fiber and cellulose is the principle element of linen. Followings are the chemical composition of linen fiber.

Cellulose                   : 92%

Hemi-Cellulose           : 2%

Lignin                       : 4%

Others                      : 2%

This is calculated in 100%.

The fabric which is produced from the linen fiber that is comfortable to wear. But it is heavy for this reason the fabric which is made from the linen fiber that is also heavy. Anyhow, day by day the uses of linen fiber increase rapidly.

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  1. I workeas junior research scientist on the ultrastructure and biochemistry of fibre formation in L Usitatissimum from 1971 to 1974 at the the then New University of Ulster
    I completed an M.Sc on plant biocides at Univ College Cork and ws then awarded the 1st International Flax Studentship to work n flax
    Any flax researchers please feel free to contact me

    1. Hello,Sir
      Thank you for taking the time to post informative scientific information about linen / flax. I have been researching linen and it’s properties, for health applications. The conventional belief is that linen is antibacterial, but i read in one of your post that it is not under certain conditions. May I speak with you by phone or direct email about other questions I have about linen.

    2. Hello, I’m a student doing research on the effectiveness of acidic dyes on different types of fabrics and I was wondering if you knew how the percentage of cellulose in linen compares to that of cotton?

    3. Hi,
      I am Prithwiraj, from India. I am currently on a research project to commercialize agronomic package of practice of flax production under himalayan foothills condition. My mail id is It will be of great pleasure to get your contact to discuss upon linen. Thank you.

  2. Hello Sir,
    I am working on my thesis of MS. textile, in which I have to design a fabric. I took Muslim women who do hijab and I am planning to design fabric for summer season. A fabric which would have appropriate properties for summer fabric for global market. I need some info from you that is it possible to make linen fabric wrinkle free permanently? and is it eco friendly to do that?

    Waiting for your prompt reply
    Thank you.

  3. Hello sir,

    I’m finding some information regarding fibres which give a better cooling effect for men’s undergarment. My idea is to develop a knitted fabric by imitating linen fabrics. I need some information regarding linen & is it possible to do a kntted fabric as same as linen?

  4. Sir
    I am working on bleaching of linen fiber.but sometimes colour variance i am trying to slove it how it is possible and the reason behind this

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