Flax Fiber | Chemical Composition Of Flax Fiber | Uses of Linen Fiber

Flax Fiber Linen fiber is collected from the flax that grows inside the stalks of the flax plant. Also, it is a natural, cellulosic, bast, and multicellular fiber. Besides, it was used earlier in the industry among all of the vegetable fibers. Also, Linum usitatissimum (Linn.), commonly known as flaxseed or linseed, belongs to the family … Read more

Top Flax Growing Countries In The World

Flax Fiber Flax is the oldest fiber plant among all the fibers. Basically, it is an annual plant, and the fiber is collected from the stem of the plant. Therefore, flax seeds are cultivated in fertile, well-defined, and well-prepared soil in cool and humid conditions. The process of collecting fiber from the plant is also … Read more

Process Flow Chart Of Flax Fiber Cultivation

Flax Fiber Flax is a natural bast fiber. These fibers come from the strew of an annual plant. Basically, Linum usitatissium grows in many temperate and subtropical regions of the world. Additionally, in the inner bark of this plant, there are long slender, thick-walled cells of which the fibers stands are composed. Process Flow of … Read more