Top Flax Growing Countries Of The World | Linen Fiber Production

Flax is the oldest fiber plant amongst all the fiber. It is an annual plant and the fiber is collected from the stew of the plant. Flax seeds are cultivated in a fertile, well-defined, and well prepared soil with a cool and humid condition. The process of collecting fiber from the plant is near similar to jute fiber. In present the demand of linen fiber is increased incredively for this reason the production rate of flax fiber increasing rapidly. In present Russia is the major flax cultivating country in the world but best quality flax is cultivated in Belgium. If we notice, major portion of linen fiber is supplied from the entire Europe.

Top Flax Growing Countries of the World: Linen fiber is used to produce linen fabric which is comfortable to wear. Flax is cultivated in different parts of the world. In every year, a survey is performed for determine the position of the flax growing country. This survey is done by different organizatation. By depending on the different reports, I have listed top flax producing countries of the world. This is a common chart. The position of the flax growing countries could be changed but most of the case they obtain the top position. Followings are the most flax growing countries. They are-

  1. Canada
  2. Russia
  3. Ukraine
  4. France
  5. Argentina
  6. Italy
  7. Germany
  8. UK (Ireland, Scotland, England)
  9. Holland
  10. Belgium

Above are the major flax growing countries but some flax are grown in India, Pakistan, China and Africa.

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    • Flax is name of plant ….as linen fibre is extracted from it so called flax fibre when it is in raw form….once it is given yarn..and onward fabric shape(form) then it is called linen….thus flax and linen is same only form difference

  1. Flax is called in when its in plant form when we propcessed it and converted in fibre and yarn form its called linen ( in bleaching process natural colors is converted in white linen and mostly bleaching is in sliver form before ring frame )

  2. Hello there
    I wanna know the market size of the flax fiber market. Could you please help me with the data?

  3. how much flax fiber we can get per acre. what is costing and profit for acre. Please give information. How many days for this crop and what is the season in india.

  4. Hi, I want to learn market and demand of both fabric and apparels in Linen both in India and Global. Can anyone help me send this report


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