Types Of Fabric Guides In Sewing Machine

Fabric Guides In Sewing Machine

In sewing, the fabric is fed to the needle over the needle plate. Fabric guides allow sewing to proceed more rapidly. Hammers and guides make it easier to feed the material correctly to the needles and to obtain a regular seam line. So, it is important to adjust the fabric guide in right place.

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Types Of Fabric Guides In Sewing Machine

Types of Fabric Guides

Various types of fabric guides are used in sewing machines. Followings are the most used fabric guides.

  1. Magnetic edge guide.
  2. Adjustable edge guide.
  3. Edge guide for maintain a fixed distance.
  4. Edge binding guide.
  5. Folder in seam guide.
  6. Tape guide.
  7. Teflon coated presser foot.
  8. Lap seam folder.
  9. Lifting foot with edge guide.

So, that’s all are the fabric guide. All of them help a smooth stitch production.

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