Top Sisal Producers Country Of The World || Hard Fiber Production

Sisal is a natural fiber. It is very hard in nature. The botanical name of sisal is Agava sisalana. It is produced in the different parts of the world. Sisal fiber is generally used for making rope, twine, paper, cloth, wall covering and dartboards. The sisal producing countries are earning huge foreign currency by exporting sisal fiber. Sisal was first cultivated in Brazil in a broad scale. First spinning mills for sisal fiber also established in Brazil. In the present day, Brazil is the top sisal producing country of the world.

Top Sisal Producers Country of the World: Here, I have listed top sisal fiber producing country name. They are-

  • Brazil
  • Tanzania
  • Kenya
  • Madagascar
  • China
  • Mexico
  • Haiti
  • Venezuela
  • Morocco
  • South Africa

Although sisal is a natural fiber but it has positive and negative side for the environment. Sisal farming causes environmental degradation. The effluent from the sisal degradation process is harmful for the environment. In Tanzania, they are planning to use this waste as bio-fuel.

So, that’s all about the sisal fiber producing country.


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