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Abaca is a natural fiber. Its binominal name is Musa textiles. Its species is the banana. This abaca is also identified as Manila hemp. It is not cultivated in most parts of the world. It is cultivated in the Philippines, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and some parts of the world. The plant grows to 13–22 feet and averages about 12 feet. Moreover, abaca is used for making paper products, including tea bags, filter papers, and banknotes. It is a hard fiber like coir, henequen, and sisal.

Uses of Abaca

Abaca is a hard fiber. It is the strongest fiber among all the fibers. It is used to make handicrafts such as bags, carpets, clothing, and furniture. Abaca rope is very durable and strong, and it resists water damage. For this reason, it is used in hawsers, ship lines, and fishing nets. The inner fiber of the abaca plant uses to make hats. Besides, it uses for making Manila hats, hammocks, cordage, matting, ropes, coarse twines, and types of canvas. In the Philippine abaca industry, the abaca pulp sector considers a growth area due to favorable developments in the world market for its end-products such as currency notes, meat casings, tea bags, cigarette paper, other specialty paper, and non-woven disposables (such as disposable medical gowns, globes, diapers, and sanitary napkins (FIDA, 1997). 

Top Abaca Producers Country of the World

Abaca is a hard fiber. Here, I have given the most abaca plant growing countries names. Following are the top abaca-producing countries in the world. They are-

  1. Philippines
  2. Ecuador
  3. Costa Rica

In 1997, The Philippines is the top world producer and supplier of abaca fiber the world. When 84% of total production was produced by the Philippines the other hand, only 16% was produced by Ecuador which is its major competitor in abaca production.

So, that’s all about the hard fiber like abaca growing countries name list. Further information related to abaca will be included from time to time.

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