Top Ramie Producers Country Of The World

Ramie Fibers

Ramie is one of the oldest vegetable fibers also it is a bast fiber. Basically, Ramie fiber is collected from the bark of the vegetable stalks. This fiber was growing in China in the past. Chemical processing is required for processing ramie. Ramie is one of the strongest fibers. It is stiff and brittle and it breaks when repeatedly folded in the same place. This fiber is used to blend with cotton or wool fiber. Ramie is similar to linen fiber. The properties of ramie fiber are similar to linen fiber.

Top Ramie Producers Country of the World

China is the major ramie-producing country in the world. A high percentage of the total ramie is produced in China. Here, I have listed the top ramie-producing country’s names. They are-

  • China
  • Lao People’s Democratic Republic
  • Philippines
  • Brazil

In sum, Ramie is a special type of fiber. The ramie-producing countries are exporting ramie fiber to other countries of the world. The use of ramie fiber is increasing day by day.

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