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Hemp is a strong fiber. When it is a natural cellulosic fiber. It contains about 70% cellulose and 8–10% lignin in its chemical composition. The fiber diameter ranges from 16 to 50 microns. Simultaneously, hemp is a hard fiber, and hemp stalks mature very fast, which takes up to five months. In fact, hemp has some advantages in hemp paper production because it does not necessarily require toxic bleaching chemicals and can be recycled seven to eight times.

Uses of Hemp Fiber

The uses of hemp fiber are not as popular as those of other natural fibers. However, hemp fiber is very similar to flax fiber, and the textile industry management feels interested in using hemp fiber. In fact, the use of hemp fiber is growing rapidly. Besides, hemp seeds contain considerable amounts of fiber, vitamins, Omega-3, and minerals that contain high levels of protein. Hence, dehulled hemp seeds serve as food for human consumption, while whole hemp seeds are used as feed for animals. Following are the most common uses of hemp fiber:

  1. Firstly, hemp is used to make rope, canvas, and paper.
  2. Secondly, hemp is used in the spinning process for making yarn which is used to make cloth by weaving.
  3. Thirdly, it is also used in construction. There are three main hemp-based products used in construction, such as lime hemp concrete (LHC), hemp wool, and fiberboard insulation.
  4. Then, home furnishings, instruments, and floor coverings are also made from this hemp fiber.
  5. After that, it can be used as a blended fiber with other fibers. There are lots of situations where one can use hemp fiber.
  6. In the meantime, hemp derivative products are used in different industries as an alternative to synthetic fiber. As a result, the use of hemp has increased in different sectors, such as car manufacturing, aviation, railways, and aerospace.
  7. It is also used for cosmetic products such as oils, lotions, shampoos, etc., besides energy production (biofuels).
  8. Finally, cannabidiol (CBD), a substance present in the hemp plant, has multiple uses in cosmetics, health, and food. As a result, interest in the production and marketing of cannabidiol (CBD) is increasing.

Top Hemp Producers Country of the World

Hemp is cultivated in some parts of the world. Hemp is a crop type that also grows across Europe. In recent years, the area of hemp cultivation has increased significantly in the European Union. France is the largest producer of hemp in the EU, which produces more than 70% of EU hemp production, while the Netherlands grows (10%) and Austria (4%) of total EU production. In some countries, hemp cultivation is restricted to marijuana production because both plants have some similarities that are confusing in their identification. Anyhow, here, I have listed the most hemp-producing countries in the world. Following are the top hemp-producing countries in the world. They are-

  1. China
  2. Republic of Korea
  3. France
  4. Chile
  5. Romania
  6. Russia
  7. Italy
  8. Netherlands
  9. Austria

Above all, there are the hemp-producing countries. However, the serial number of the country could be changed based on the production rate. Moreover, the use of hemp increased in its varieties using the scope in everyday life.

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