Top Kenaf And Allied Fibers Producers Of The World || Uses Of Kenaf Fiber

Kenaf is a natural fiber. The botanical name of kenaf is Hibiscus canabinus. It is the member of Malvaceae family. The properties are nearly similar to jute and allied fibers. The kenaf is a plant. The fiber is collected from the bark of the plant.

Top Kenaf And Allied Fibers Producers Of The World: To fulfill the present kenaf fibers demand, different countries are cultivating kenaf plants. In the present days, Malaysia is trying to cultivate kenaf fiber in that’s country. Here, I have listed top kenaf and allied fibers producing countries name. They are-

  1. India
  2. China
  3. Thailand
  4. Brazil
  5. Vietnam
  6. Cuba
  7. Indonesia
  8. Pakistan
  9. Cambodia

Uses of Kenaf Fiber: kenaf is mainly used in low density panels, pulp and papers. The main use of kenaf fiber is to produce rope, twine and course cloth. Kenaf fiber also blends with plastic resins for plastic components. Various environmental mats are produced from kenaf fibers. In the modern time, Malaysia make kenaf fiber boards for export them in Japan. In addition, kenaf seeds yield an edible vegetable oil. Different well known automobile manufacturers used this kenaf fiber for automobiles body parts.

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