Top Abaca Producers Country Of The World || Hard Fiber Production

Abaca is a natural fiber. Its binominal name is Musa textiles. Its species is banana. This abaca is also known as Manila hemp. It is not cultivated most of the parts of the world. It is generally cultivated in Philippines, Ecuador, Costa Rica and some parts of the world. The plant grows to 13-22 feet and average about 12 feet. Abaca is generally used for making paper products including tea bags, filter papers and banknotes. It is a hard fiber like coir, henequen and sisal.

Uses of Abaca: Abaca is a hard fiber. It is the strongest fiber among all the fiber. It can be used to make handcrafts such as bags, carpets, clothing and furniture’s. Abaca rope is very durable and strong and it resist from water damage, for this reason it is used in hawsers, ships lines and fishing nets. The inner fiber of abaca plat is used to making hats. It also used for making Manila hats, hammocks, cordage, matting, ropes, coarse twines and types of canvas. Top Abaca Producers Country of the World: Abaca is a hard fiber. Here, I have given the most abaca plant growing countries name. They are-

• Philippines

• Ecuador

• Costa Rica

So, that’s all about the hard fiber like abaca growing countries name list. Further information related to abaca will be included in the next blog.

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  1. Hallo, good morning,

    We are a wholsaler of yarns in germany.
    we are looking for Nm 34/2 abacca yarn to buy. Do you Know any producer of this Yarn?
    We would be glad about any information.

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    Jürgen Lorenzen


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