Properties Of Ramie Fiber || Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ramie Fiber

Ramie Fiber Ramie is a vegetable cellulosic fiber also it is called china-grass. Additionally, the demand for ramie fibers is increasing day by day. These ramie fibers are used with the different fibers for blending. These blended fibers properties are well. Here, I have written about the properties of ramie fibers. Also, one should know … Read more

Ramie Fiber | Chemical Composition and Mechanical Properties of Ramie Fiber

Ramie Fiber Ramie is one kind of natural fiber. Further, it is the oldest textile fiber of plant origin. Moreover, Ramie recognizes as the strongest of all natural bast fibers in the world demand for ramie fiber is increasing for its luster, strength, excellent microbial resistance, and valuable hygienic properties. Especially, ramie fiber is used … Read more