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Features Of Pique Weave || Types Of Pique Weave

Pique is a fancy weave. It is used to produce various types of trimmings and ornamented fabrics.

Types Of Pique Weave: Pique weave is classified as the below.

  1. Ordinary Pique
  2. Loose Back Pique
  3. Wadded Loose Back Pique
  4. Wadded Fast Back Pique
  5. Waved Pique

Features Of Pique Weave: The features of pique weave are given below.

  • A typical pique structure consists of a plain face fabric composed of one series of warp and one series of weft threads and a set of back or stitched thread.
  • Continuous sunken lines are run horizontally in the cloth.
  • One cord per repeat.
  • Skip or divided draft is generally used.
  • Pique weave is used to produce trimmings and other ornamented products.

That’s all about pique weave.

Properties Of Bed Ford Cord || Types Of Bed Ford Cord

Bed ford cord is a fancy weave. It is an important weave to produce various types of decorative and heavier fabrics.

Types of Bed Ford Cord:

  1. Plain Faced Bed Ford Cord
  2. Wadded Bed Ford Cord
  3. Crepon Bed Ford Cord
  4. Bed Ford Cord arranged with alternatives picks
  5. Twill Faced Bed Ford Cord

Properties Of Bed Ford Cord:

  • The Bedford weaves produce longitudinal warp line in the cloth with fine sunken lines between cords.
  • Bed ford cord fabrics are warp faced cloth. Cord effect is seen in face side and not in back side.
  • In one repeat, two or more cords are produced.
  • To give greater prominence to the cord effect, Wadding and Padding yarns are used.
  • Ends and picks are always of even number.
  • Pick number in a repeat size is generally 4.
  • Cord effect is seen in face side.

Uses of Bed Ford Cord Weave: Following products are produced by bed ford cord weave.

  1. Medium weight cotton or spun rayon – Ladies dress wear, sportswear.
  2. Heavier qualities like furnishing.
  3. Worsted yarn for trouser production.

Properties Of Crepe Weave || Types Of Crepe Weave

Crepe weave is a fancy weave. Crepe yarn is used to make crepe designed fabric. High twisted yarn is called crepe yarn. It has curling properties. Various types of home textile and decorative fabrics are made by this design.

Types of Crepe Weave: Crepe weave is divided into four classes. They are-

  1. Crepe on sateen base.
  2. Crepe by reversing.
  3. Crepe by super imposing.
  4. Crepe on a plain weave base.

Properties of Crepe Weave: The characteristics of crepe weave are given below.

  • Any kind of weave which will produce a broken irregular appearance on the face of the fabric is known as crepe weave.
  • Rough irregular surface are often produced by using special prepared warp and weft yarns which have a high twist factor that causes them to crimp or curl when the woven fabric is being finished. These yarns are known as crepe yarns and generally the fabrics are produced from them are of plain cloth.
  • Somewhat similar overall effects can be produced by using ordinary yarns in special weaves which are known as crepe weave.
  • Crepe weave is used to produce shirting, decorative purpose, home furnishing, ladies wear etc.

So, main properties of crepe weave are that, crimp or curling is found in the fabric. This type of fabrics is valuable and comparatively costly then other designed fabrics.