Pique Weave: Features, Types, And Uses

What is Pique Weave? Pique weave is a decorative weave structure. It is also known as Marcella. Besides, different types of pique fabric are manufactured by pique weave. However, this fabric was developed by the Lancashire cotton industry in the 18th century. Identically, this fabric is developed by using weaving double cloth with an enclosed cording … Read more

Bedford Cord Weave: Properties, Types And Uses

Bedford Cord Weave Bedford cord is a fancy weave. It is an important weave to produce various types of decorative and heavier fabrics. Types of Bedford Cord Weave Properties Of Bedford Cord Weave Uses of Bedford Cord Weave Following products are produced by bed ford cord weave. So, it is essential to identify bedford cord … Read more

Crepe Weave: Types, Properties, And Uses

Crepe Weave Crepe weave is a fancy weave. However, this weave structure constitutes a useful variety to the simple weaves, and due to their pebbly or crinkled (rough) surface, fabrics are known as crape or oatmeal fabrics. Therefore, the type of crepe fabric is determined by the size of the pebbles and their arrangement on … Read more

Types, Characteristics, And Uses Of Honeycomb Weave

Honeycomb Weave Honeycomb is a fancy weave. We know that the bees store their honey in the hexagonal honeycomb cells of wax; therefore, the name honeycomb weaves is derived from that. However, it has a cell-like appearance, and both warp and weft threads float in its structure. Furthermore, various types of decorative fabrics are formed … Read more

Features, Uses Of Mock Leno And Huckaback Weave

Mock Leno And Huckaback Weave Mock leno and huckaback are two important fancy weaves. Both weaves are used to produce towels and the structure of both weaves is rough. Here, I have written about the features and uses of mock leno and huckaback weave. Mock Leno Weave Mock leno is a fancy weave and these … Read more

Fancy Weave || Types Of Fancy Weave | Uses Of Fancy Design

Fancy Weave The fancy weave is the most important weave structure. In the meantime, various types of decorative products are produced by this weave design. Its weave structure is more critical than the basic weave structure. We know that basic structures include plain weave, twill weave, and satin weave. It will be clear when I … Read more