Features Of Pique Weave || Types Of Pique Weave

Pique is a fancy weave. It is used to produce various types of trimmings and ornamented fabrics. Types Of Pique Weave: Pique weave is classified as the below. Ordinary Pique Loose Back Pique Wadded Loose Back Pique Wadded Fast Back Pique Waved Pique Features Of Pique Weave: The features of pique weave are given below. … Read more

Properties Of Bed Ford Cord || Types Of Bed Ford Cord

Bed ford cord is a fancy weave. It is an important weave to produce various types of decorative and heavier fabrics. Types of Bed Ford Cord: Plain Faced Bed Ford Cord Wadded Bed Ford Cord Crepon Bed Ford Cord Bed Ford Cord arranged with alternatives picks Twill Faced Bed Ford Cord Properties Of Bed Ford … Read more

Properties Of Crepe Weave || Types Of Crepe Weave

Crepe weave is a fancy weave. Crepe yarn is used to make crepe designed fabric. High twisted yarn is called crepe yarn. It has curling properties. Various types of home textile and decorative fabrics are made by this design. Types of Crepe Weave: Crepe weave is divided into four classes. They are- Crepe on sateen … Read more