Types Of Fabric Packages For Garment Manufacturing

Fabric Spreading Spreading of fabric is done in both manual and mechanical methods. Here, the fabric is unwound from the fabric roll. Fabric may be woven or knitted. This fabric roll is formed in tubular or open-width form. Types of Fabric Packages for Fabric Spreading: Various fabric packages are used for fabric spreading. They are- … Read more

Advantages Of Mechanical And Manual Fabric Spreading In Garment Manufacturing

Fabric Spreading Methods Mechanical spreading and manual spreading are two types of fabric spreading. These two types have some advantages and some limitations of use. Anyhow, I have given the features of mechanical spreading and advantages of manual spreading below. Advantages of Mechanical Method: The following are the advantages of mechanical methods of fabric spreading. … Read more

Principles Of Mechanical Fabric Spreading Method

Mechanical Fabric Spreading Fabric spreading is done manually or mechanically. In the mechanical method; fabric spreading is done by semi-automatic or automatic machine. Principles Of Mechanical Fabric Spreading Method: The principles of mechanical fabric spreading are given below. Tools and Machines: Spreading machine (head, track, catcher, cutter) Fabric roll Principles of Mechanical Fabric Spreading: The … Read more

Principles Of Manual Fabric Spreading Method In Garment Manufacturing

The Fabric spreading process is a part of apparel manufacturing. This fabric spreading is done manually or mechanically. In the manual method; fabric spreading is done fully by hand or with the help of track. Principles of Manual Fabric Spreading Method: Manual spreading is done in the following way. Tools: Following tools are used for … Read more

Common Fabric Defects Found In Fabric Spreading

Fabric Spreading Fabric spreading is the process of laying fabrics one over one on the fabric spreading table. Different yarn, knitting, woven, dyeing, or finishing faults appear on the fabrics. During spreading; the spreader should identify the faults. Common Fabric Faults found In Fabric Spreading: Causes and Remedies Following fabric, faults are found during fabric … Read more

Requirements and Objectives Of Fabric Spreading

Fabric spreading is part of the apparel manufacturing process. Fabric spreading is done after marker making. Spreading of fabric can be defined as the smooth laying out of the fabric of a specific length and width. The marker is laid on the topmost layer of the fabric. The cutting operation is done after completing fabric … Read more