Process Flow Chart Of Yarn Dyeing

Yarn Dyeing

Yarn dyeing is a special type of dyeing process. Yarns are dyed in package form or hank form by the yarn dyeing process. It is slightly different from woven or knit dyeing. Dyed yarns are used for making stripe knit or woven fabrics, solid dyed yarn fabric, or in sweater manufacturing.

Process Flow Chart Of Yarn Dyeing

The process flow chart of yarn dyeing on a yarn dyeing floor is given below:

Soft Winding


Yarn dyeing in package form

Hydro Extractor


Random Section (Rewinding section)

Packing and Delivery

Functions of Different Stages of Yarn Dyeing

Now I like to give a short idea about each section of the dyeing floor.

Soft Winding:

It is the first step of yarn dyeing. In this section, yarns are transferred from paper cones to a plastic tube or steel tube to facilitate the yarn dyeing process. Without this process, it is not possible to accelerate package yarn dyeing. Different parameters are maintained during the rewinding of yarn.


In batching section; yarns are batched according to their count, lot, yarn type, and others. A batch card is formed which contains the essential information of that batch.


In the dyeing section; dyeing is done according to the approved sample dyeing recipe. The different parameter is maintained during dyeing. When dyed yarn shade is matched with the approved sample then is taken out from the dyeing bath.

Hydro Extractor:

In this section excess water from the yarn is removed. After that yarn packages are sent to the dryer.


A dryer is used to remove the remaining water from the dyed yarn.

Random Section:

In this section dyed and dried yarns are transferred from plastic tubes or steel tubes. During rewinding, finishing materials are applied to the yarn.

Packing and Delivery:

After passing random sections, dyed yarns are checked by the quality officer. After passing the quality, yarns are packed. After packing, yarns are ready for delivery.

So, above all are about the activities on a yarn dyeing floor.

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