Features and Uses Of Blind Stitch Sewing Machine In Apparel Sewing

Blind Stitch Sewing Machine

The blind stitch sewing machine is a special type of sewing machine which is used for special purposes.

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Blind Stitch Sewing Machine

Features of Blind Stitch Sewing Machine:

The features of a blind stitch sewing machine are given below.

  • The blind stitch means the stitch is not visible on fabric.
  • Blind stitch is formed based on chain stitch (1 thread) and lock stitch (2 threads).
  • The hem and facings are folded back and caught by the needle (at even intervals).
  • In this machine, curved needle is used which penetrate straightly in the fabric.
  • Sewing speed of blind stitch machine is up to 3000 stitch/min.

So, that’s all about the blind stitch sewing machine.

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