Merchandiser: Principle Roles And Responsibilities Of A Merchandiser


A merchandiser is a person who plans or manages the arrangement and promotion of the goods to a specific location as well as to the vendor or buyer. Basically, the merchandiser is the key person in the garment business. At the same time, it is very important to know the duties and responsibilities of a merchandiser. Particularly, a buying house or a garment merchandising office acts as an export office of garments. Therefore, a merchandiser plays a vital role in a buying house.

In the meantime, the merchandiser builds up a relationship between the producer and importer. At first, the merchandiser takes orders from a buyer that’s time he acts as a seller to the garment importer. On the other hand, when a merchandiser gives this order to the factory that’s time he acts as a buyer to the manufacturing side. So, there are two faces of a merchandiser. So, a merchandiser has lots of duties and responsibilities in his job place.

Principle Roles and Responsibilities of a Merchandiser

The merchandiser always tries to give his best efforts to the exporting garments. Here, I like to list the principle duties and responsibilities of a merchandiser. They are-

  1. The main duties of a merchandiser are to fulfill the demand of a garment buyer.
  2. At first, take an export order from the buyer.
  3. Secondly, to make a time schedule for export those garments as per exporting date.
  4. Thirdly, to make sample for the export order from a factory.
  5. If the sample approved then order for bulk production.
  6. Then, all the materials should be arranged which is required for manufacturing garments.
  7. After that, to inspects quality of the products as a buyer.
  8. Basically, a merchandiser calculates the consumption of fabric and YPD.
  9. The merchandiser also calculates thread, button, interlining, label, poly bag, cartoon and other accessories required for a full garment export.
  10. Besides this, merchandiser sometime sourcing the fabrics.
  11. He also sourcing the accessories.
  12. Additionally, the merchandiser follows up the full production process.
  13. Also, merchandise analyses and planning the garment production.
  14. Another main duty of the merchandise is to calculate the costing of garments
  15. Merchandiser should concern about the shipment date of the fabric.
  16. Merchandiser arranges the pre shipment inspection schedule.
  17. Accordingly, he or she makes the shipment documents.
  18. To collect the payment is also a big dealing of a merchandiser.
  19. It is also important to calculate the profit by exporting the products.
  20. Lastly, all the activities of the merchandise are to deliver quality products to the buyer.

So, there are lots of duties of a merchandiser. One should consider the above steps to be a good merchandiser. In short, profit or loss mostly depends on the activities of a merchandiser.

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