What is Knitting | Types of Knitted Fabrics

What is knitting?

The process by which fabrics are produced by a set of connecting loops from a series of yarns in warp or weft direction is defined as knitting. Basically, different knitting machines use to perform this technique. We also know that fabrics produce from a set of warp or weft yarn. However, Weaving and knitting are different in the interlacing techniques of yarn. In weaving, it needs warp and weft yarn to produce woven fabric but in knitting, fabrics are produced from a series of yarn in warp or weft directions. The following figure shows Knitting loop formation techniques.

Types of Knitted Fabrics Produced in Knitting Mills

Mainly two types of knitted fabrics produces in a knitting mill. They are as follow:

Warp Knitted Fabrics

In a warp knitted structure, each loop in the horizontal direction is made from a different thread and the number of threads used to produce such a fabric is at least equal to the number of loops in a horizontal row.

Weft Knitted Fabrics

A horizontal row of loops can be made using one thread that runs in the horizontal direction. The fabric structure is different from one to another. Weft knitted fabrics are widely used.

In our daily life, we use different knitted fabrics. Depending on the design of the fabric knitted fabrics can be as follow:


Single Jersey Fabric

A single jersey is a weft-knitted fabric that is formed by one set of needles in the knitting process. T-shirts are more popular in single jersey fabric types than others in the textile sector. Basically, the appearance of a single jersey differs on the face and backside. Therefore, this fabric is becoming popular for its warm, flexible, stretchy, and wear comfort properties. The following are the common single jersey fabric types:

  1. Plain Single Jersey
  2. Single Jersey with Lycra
  3. Single Lacoste
  4. Double Lacoste
  5. Single Pique
  6. Double Pique
  7. Polo Pique
  8. French Terry
  9. Terry with Lycra
  10. Fleece
  11. Fleece with Lycra

Double-jersey fabric

Double jersey is also a weft-knitted fabric that is formed by two sets of needles. Moreover, double jersey fabric is very similar to single jersey fabric construction; certainly, the double jersey face and backside appearance are the same.

Rib Fabric

  1. 1×1 Rib
  2. 2×1 Rib
  3. 2×2 Rib
  4. Lycra Rib
  5. Flat Back Rib

Interlock Fabric

  1. Plain Interlock
  2. Drop Needle Interlock
  3. Interlock with Lycra

Collar and Cuff

  1. Plain Collar or Solid Collar
  2. Shaving Collar
  3. Jacquard Collar
  4. Tipping Collar
  5. Race Collar
  6. Stripe Collar

Also, different types of decorative designs are developed by knitting machines. In modern times, auto-stripe knitting machines are used to produce multi-color stripe fabrics when it is not possible to produce them by normal knitting machines.

Lycra, or spandex, is a synthetic fiber that is also used for special purposes. The use of Lycra depends on buyer requirements. Besides, it increases the elastic properties of fabrics.

At this point, different knitted fabrics have different properties. The use of knitted fabrics also depends on the atmospheric conditions of the country. It also depends on the choice of one.

So, choose your favorite one from the list. After all, the management should place emphasis on knitted fabric production.

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