Classification of Knitting Machine | List of Knitted Fabrics

Knitting Machine

Knitting machines are used to produce knit fabric. Knitted fabrics are produced by the interlocking of one or more yarns through a series of loops by the use of a hooked needle. Knitted fabrics are differing from one to another depending on their fabric design. Specific fabrics are produced from specific knitting machines.

Classification of Knitting Machine

Classification of Knitting Machine

Knitting machines are classified as follows:

Weft Knitting Machine

Flat Bar Knitting Machine

  1. Flat Bed
  2. V-Bed
  3. Single Bed
  4. Unidirectional

Straight Bar Knitting Machine

  1. Single Needle
  2. Double Needle

Circular Knitting machine

  1. Revolving Cylinder; Sinker Top or Open Top Single Jersey Knitting Machine
  2. Revolving Cylinder; Cylinder and Dial Double Jersey Knitting Machine

Circular Bearded Single

  1. Sinker Wheel Knitting Machine
  2. Loop Wheel Knitting Machine

Warp Knitting Machine

  1. Rachel Knitting Machine
  2. Tricot Knitting Machine

In modern times knit fabrics have a large variety. Verities type of knit fabrics is the demand of modern time. Such types of fabrics are produced in knitting mills.

List of Knitted Fabrics

The following knitted fabrics are produced by knitting machines. They are-

  1. Jackets
  2. T-shirt
  3. Ladies tops
  4. Suits 
  5. Dresses 
  6. Swimwear
  7. Casual wear
  8. Bath robes
  9. Dressing gowns
  10. track suits
  11. Jersey blister
  12. Upholstery
  13. jogging suits 
  14. Jersey,
  15. Lily
  16. Single lacoste
  17. Collars
  18. Arm bands
  19. Sweaters 
  20. Arm bands
  21. Underwear
  22. Sportswear
  23. Gloves
  24. Collars
  25. Sweaters 
  26. Others

In sum, different types of knitted fabrics are produced by knitting machine that is used in our everyday life.

So, choose your favorite one for producing knit fabrics.

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